"About" F.O.C.U.S Sports

"Fundamental, Opportunity, Commitment, Unity, Sportsmanship"

     Our organization is designed to teach, train and develop young athletes about learning and understanding the game of Volleyball through a system of organized instruction. As well as addressing the major components of team play, emphasizing the basic skills, always expressing the value of sportsmanship and maintaining a positive attitude at all times.


      Take a careful look at the top athletes on every high school volleyball team and you will notice a common similarity - - almost every one of them is fundamentally strong and has a good sound background of the basics! Each of these athletes has been taught through repetition, strong reinforcement and competitive practices!

"It is not easy to be successful in anything and when people get accustomed to results it sometimes loss its effects on the players and they forget what it really takes to succeed and how important the journey really should be to their development!"

(Russ Rose --- Head Women's Volleyball Coach of Penn State University)