F.O.C.U.S. Sports "Camp"
"Fundamental, Opportunity, Commitment, Unity, Sportsmanship"

MISSION STATEMENT:"Training the youth of today and developing them into future'Team Players' by teaching cooperation through'Volleyball'in a competitive environment!"  

     Take a careful look at the top athletes on every high school/club volleyball team and you will notice a common similarity - - almost every on of these players is fundamentally strong athletes has been taught through repetition, strong reinforcement and competitive practices!  We are very proud of our players and as our "Mission Statement" reflects we are looking for "QUALITY/TEAM PLAYERS!"  At this particular time WE ARE NOT RUNNING ANY CAMPS but, keep visiting this web-site for further information about our future camps! 


"SKILLS AND DRILLS CAMPS:"These volleyball camps are designed to teach boys and girls, grades 1st through 10th many aspects of the game with a strong reinforcement of basics (communications, defense, foot work, hitting, passing, serving and serve receiving)

  • "GRADES 1st-4th BEGINNERS:"These players will have the same opportunity as the Jr. High School players to experinence all levels of the game "with lighter balls, a lower net and a smaller court size.
  • "BOYS AND GIRLS GRADES 5th-6th BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE, 'GIRLS' GRADES 7th-10th AND 'BOYS' GRADES 7th-8th:"Players will learn more about floor play, transition, offense and defense (grades 7-10 will be evaluated and placed on the appropriate court competing with players at their level)!

"SPECIALTY VOLLEYBALL CAMPS:"These camps are designed to train and teach players about specific positions e.g. “Defensive Specialist (Libero)",” “Hitters/Blockers” and “Setters”.  Players will perform many repetitive drills so they can execute the appropriate skill sets for a specific position with a much more fluid motion and better agility.  Players will not only perform many of the skill sets for these positions but they will review “VIDEO TAPE OF COLLAGE PLAYERS AND THEMSELVES (IF AVAILABLE)” trying to duplicate the same techniques”!  All of these camps are co-ed and for grades 7-12.